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We have a variety of services that we offer to our clients with perfection. Engage us today!
Social Media Marketing and Management
Social Media Marketing and Management

Another of our favorite digital marketing techniques! We are social. We want you to get social too! We use social media and social networks to promote your brand’s products and services.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO strategy and processes help you improve the quality of your online presence by finding innovative and creative ways to drive organic traffic to your digital locations.

 Content Marketing
Content Marketing

We love content marketing, and content marketing loves us back! We use strategic content techniques that focus on developing and delivering valuable, relevant, and consistent messages in order to attract and maintain a specific audience and niche.

Website Design & Development
Website Design & Development

Do you need a website for your personal brand, organization, or business? Are these the specifications that you are keen on?

Digital Marketing Automation and Training
Digital Marketing Automation and Training

We are the best Save time and get more work done! We will help you optimize the productivity of your teams through our Marketing Automation and Training.

Digital migration
Company Digital Migration
We live in a global digital village. Trust us to help you migrate digitally.
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Proximity marketing
Proximity Marketing
Also known as hyper-local marketing. If you are a business with a physical address, you may want to consider proximity marketing to alert and attract prospects to your premise.
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Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
If you want to use Affiliate marketing as an advertising model, we are here to help!
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Blogging Vlogging
Blogging & Vlogging
In an increasingly competitive world, search engine marketing (SEM), is one of the most effective strategies to expand your business.
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Email marketing
Email Marketing
We help you to effectively inform and connect with your clients and advertise your company’s products and services.
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marketing automation
Marketing Automation
We said it, and we’ll say it again! Ours is a data driven agency. Let Charlize Marketing get you automated!
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Digital advertising PPC
Digital Advertising: PPC
If you want to attract more prospects to your online sites, go the pay per click and digital advertisements way with the help of the Charlize Marketing team of experts.
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Our Approach

So, why not let us take the worry and marketing hassle away from you, as you concentrate more on the important stuff of your enterprise?

Research & planning

  • Articulating what needs to be achieved, by when. Determining
    the cost-implications and placing the right personnel to
    deliver on this.

Target familiarization

  • Focusing on who matters by creating buyer personas and
    client segmentation strategy, planning on how to address their
    various needs across different channels and, progressing to
    attract, engage and delight them in their buyer journey.

Competitive landscape

  • Carrying out a situational analysis by studying you,
    Vs your competition and using analytics to appraise
    their SWOT analysis.

Focus on You

  • We give you value proposition through effecting your
    company Vision and Mission. Then, we tell your story by
    validating the “WHY in what YOU” do to your customers by
    using the right channels.

Tactical Plan implementation

  • Best practice guidelines help us implement the strategy by
    determining who does what, by when, where, and how.


  • Use marketing metrics to analyze where we need to Improvise,
    adapt and overcome. Eliminate what’s not working and
    optimize what’s working.