Email Marketing

The Best Email Marketing Strategy

We help you to effectively inform and connect with your clients and advertise your company’s products and services while also motivating client loyalty. We will track the progress and give you the reports!
Email marketing
Whether you want to send out:
  • Promotional emails.
  • Informational emails (info mails) 
  • Onboarding & Welcome emails.
  • Email newsletters.
  • Sponsorship emails.
  • Transactional emails.
  • Re-engagement emails. 
  • Brand story emails.
  • Video emails.

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No matter how big or small the project is, we got you covered.

Unrivalled Levels of Service

Our Email Marketing strategies aim to Boost customer engagement, increase customer loyalty and maximize your return on investment (ROI) and keep your clients happy!
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Marketing Strategy
Your current and potential consumers are at various phases of the purchasing process. Some are in the consideration stage, while others are in the research and comparison stage, and yet others are ready to buy. By building Buyer personas, the Charlize Marketing team will assist you in determining what type of content to develop for each step.
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Tracking & Reporting
Choose the right tools your business needs for email marketing. Determine who your target market is. Determine the most effective list-building strategies. Separate your mailing list into sections. Monitor performance through Reports and adjusting where necessary.
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Template Design
Developing a solid email marketing plan for you and your business will allow you to engage and interact with your target audience in a personalized manner while also increasing revenue at a low cost. Our Email marketing solutions, like other platforms and media, will allow your company to reach clients more easily than ever before.
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Marketing Campaigns
Establish a schedule for sending emails by identifying the sorts of emails to send. Optimize your email marketing by creating strategic content worth reading and subscribing to. Split-testing to determine what style of emailing works best for your business and target clients.